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AAFM American Academy Career News & Advice from EFC
Wealthy Spur Increased Need for 'Family Offices'
The need for "family offices" - a segment of the wealth management industry that serves extremely wealthy families - is growing fast enough that a war for talent has emerged.
Nov 02 2006
Asian Advisers Leverage Community
When building their businesses, Asian financial advisers have a unique opportunity to leverage their insight into their own communities.
Nov 01 2006
Edward Jones Has 10-Year Plan
Edward Jones plans to continue its expansion efforts by hiring investment advisers and support staff, strengthening market share in the U.S. and Canada, and investing up to $260 million to expand its headquarters near St. Louis.
Oct 31 2006
CareerWire: Bookkeepers, Cost Accountants See Pay Rise
Salaries seen rising for bookkeepers, cost accountants... More companies use signing bonuses to attract financial professionals... Commerce Bank expands Corporate Trust Department... and more.
Oct 30 2006
Offshoring Comes to the Back Office
An evolution in offshoring could eventually move a number of back office jobs outside of the U.S., saving large corporations as much as $58 billion a year and impacting some 1.5 million positions between now and 2016.
Oct 27 2006
Demand Seen Pushing Financial Salaries in 2007
Continued demand for accounting and finance professionals will push starting salaries higher in 2007, as businesses mull expansions and continue to wrestle with compliance requirements. In particular, professionals in compliance, internal audit, financial analysis and public accounting should benefit.
Oct 25 2006
Bonuses Boost Risk-Technology Compensation
Risk professionals in software and technology earned a 7 percent average increase in total compensation in 2005 as an 11 percent rise in bonuses bulked up a 3 percent bump in salaries.
Oct 24 2006
Ask the Expert: Reaching Beyond Company Networks
"I take advantage of my company's networking and mentoring programs, but sometimes feel like I see the same people at each event. How can I extend my network beyond this regular circle?"
Oct 23 2006
CareerWire: The Time Demands on CFOs
CFOs and time management... Burr Wolff names Midwest property tax vice president... Your comments on illegal immigration... and more.
Oct 23 2006
Atlanta's HomeBanc Cuts Workforce
As it announced its expectation for a wider-than-anticipated third-quarter loss, Atlanta-based HomeBanc Corp. said it's reducing the workforce of its HomeBanc Mortgage unit by 4 percent. The move will save the firm about $19 million.
Oct 20 2006
For Brokers, Training Issues Come into the Open
Are financial services firms on the edge of a new model in broker training? As Morgan Stanley's James Gorman urges firms to be "brutal" in sending their least effective advisers packing, and executives of smaller firms remark on the inability of wirehouses to expand the ranks of successful FAs, some wonder if the time is right to adapt new approaches to developing novices.
Oct 19 2006
Corporations Use Project Professionals to Fill Gaps
Sarbanes-Oxley, increased regulatory scrutiny, globalization and downsizing has left Fortune 100 companies lacking well-credentialed, senior-level personnel to meet ever-increasing professional demands. But the corporations' challenge can be the outside professional's opportunity.
Oct 18 2006
Mid-Size CPA Firms Form National Network
Twenty two mid-size accounting firms have formed a national network, designed to act as a single firm and better compete with the Big Four. The network, Baker Tilly USA, offers tax, audit and consulting services under one brand name.
Oct 17 2006
Treasury Departments Staff Up to Field Wider Roles
The responsibilities of corporate treasurers are growing as they play a greater role within their companies. While these executives have long been responsible for managing cash flows, they're now being drawn further into the strategic framework of their organizations, creating new opportunities and responsibilities for themselves and those in the treasurer's department.
Oct 16 2006
CareerWire: More Firms Send Women Overseas
More companies sending women overseas... Schwab cuts number of advisers in referral program... A.G. Edwards puts money behind its hunt of top producers.
Oct 16 2006
How Managing Up Positions You for Growth
Even if no one reports to you, your job still involves managing people - the ones occupying slots above yours on the organization chart. It's called "managing up," and those who do it well can become indispensable to their organizations, resulting in choice assignments and promotions.
Oct 13 2006
One Author's Tactics for Women, Minorities
In Minority Rules: Turn Your Ethnicity Into a Competitive Edge, Kenneth Arroyo Roldan and Gary Stern identify what they say are key strategies women and minority executives can use to rise through the ranks of corporate America. In an exclusive interview Roldan, chief executive of search firm Wesley, Brown and Bartle, says: "You can't change a company that doesn't embrace the principles of diversity. So, you have to control your own destiny."
Oct 12 2006
Firms Seek Advisers From Range of Backgrounds
A financial background may not be the most important part of an erstwhile financial planner's resume, which is good news for newcomers trying to break into a field that's feeling pinched for qualified talent.
Oct 11 2006
CareerWire: Hispanic Credit Card Market Shows Promise
Credit card companies have opportunities in Hispanic market... Harris's myCFO opens Northeast office... BNY plans cuts... and more.
Oct 10 2006
Tips for Finding That Overseas Job
If you're interested in finding a finance position abroad, there are a few things to consider before you start packing. First on the list: the economic health of the country you're interested in, as well as the jobs considered "hot" there.
Oct 06 2006
First American Launches Subordinate Lien Group
First American Corp. launched First American Subordinate Lien Outsourcing group, a unit that will develop information solutions for the subordinate lien market. The group will serve as "a storefront" for many of First American's second lien products, leveraging the company's property and credit databases.
Oct 05 2006
Considering Coaching? Consider This
Many financial professionals view a personal cheerleader as a necessary investment on their way to achieving their goals. But before you embrace the idea that coaching is indispensable to success, think carefully about whether it's the best approach for you. To start, consider whether any of these descriptions apply to you.
Oct 04 2006
Top Interview Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them
Few people really like job interviews: You have to be "on," the stakes are high, and you have to show off your expertise and intelligence every step of the way. "Successful interviewing reflects your ability to sell yourself," says Steve McMahan, president of Kforce Professional Staffing. "That becomes easier when you recognize the potential pitfalls and learn to avoid them."
Oct 03 2006
CareerWire: U. Wyoming Eyes Online Accounting Program
U. Wyoming may offer online accounting certification... Ford Motor Credit to cut 2,000 jobs... Wachovia Securities will create new wholesale lending unit...and more.
Oct 02 2006
Compensation Stable for Energy Risk Professionals
Risk professionals in the energy sector received modest compensation increases during 2005, but should benefit if investment banks and hedge funds increase their activity in the area and the markets' instability continues.
Sep 29 2006
Countrywide Warns of Layoffs
Countrywide Financial Corp. has warned its staff to expect layoffs as falling home sales take their toll on the firm's mortgage business.
Sep 27 2006
Recruiters Can Make You More Likeable
It's an age-old conundrum: How do you promote yourself to managers or prospective employers without sounding too impressed with yourself? The answer, says Jeffrey Pfeffer of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, is to get a recruiter to do the promotion for you.
Sep 27 2006
CFOs See Steady Hiring in Fourth Quarter
Hiring within accounting and finance departments will remain steady during the last quarter of 2006, with six percent of chief financial officers planning to add full-time personnel and two percent anticipating a cut in staff levels. That net four percent increase is unchanged from the third-quarter forecast of the quarterly Robert Half International Financial Hiring Index.
Sep 25 2006
CareerWire: Morgan Stanley Pauses in Layoffs
Morgan Stanley is taking a break from layoffs in its wealth management division... Financial firms fuel job changes with hefty compensation to advisers... U.S. workers value health benefits over pay.
Sep 25 2006
From Independent CPA to Corporate Finance
Big companies expect their CPAs to have experience with accounting issues unique to public firms, especially compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations. The need for that kind of track record makes jumping from an independent firm to a corporate finance department challenging. The key is to understand the CFO's needs, and set about building a resume that demonstrates you can meet them.
Sep 22 2006
Ask the Expert: Can I Transfer After Just a Year?
"I like to follow a one year rule: Stay employed with a firm for one year before making any change, and work in a position for one year before pursuing a new opportunity."
Sep 21 2006
Mellon Names Wealth Management Head in S. Calif.
Mellon Financial Corporation has appointed David Emmes managing director of Private Wealth Management in southern California. Russell Kartub has been promoted to managing director of portfolio management.
Sep 20 2006
CareerWire: Make the Most of Online Search Tools
Making the most of online search tools… Layoffs at Mercer... C-level CPAs on corporate hiring.
Sep 19 2006
Career Path: Al Mariano, Accountemps
"You can check your company's intranet for job information, but that's not as effective as having those personal relationships."
Sep 15 2006
50? You're Not Old, You're Seasoned
Whether you're pushing or pulling the big five-oh, it can be tough to find a job. So it's not unethical to give your resume - and your waistline - a few nips and tucks.
Sep 14 2006
CareerWire: UBS Strengthens U.S. Presence
UBS to acquire McDonald Investments of Cleveland to strengthen U.S. presence… A record 462 of FORTUNE 500 companies provide sexual orientation protection… Securian named “Great Place to Work in the Twin Cities”… and more
Sep 12 2006
California CPAs Benefit from Strong Demand
Good news for certified public accountants in California: The state's strong demand for CPAs should continue.
Sep 07 2006
Some Hiring Managers May Up the Ante
Most hiring managers say its more difficult to find qualified candidates than it was a year ago, a dynamic that may play into candidates' hands as they negotiate the terms of a new position. However, indications are few candidates are taking advantage of the pressure.
Sep 06 2006
CareerWire: Investment Firms Pursue Defectors
Investment firms fight back against defectors... Top accounting firms grow their revenue... For jobs, look to the Great Plains... and more.
Sep 05 2006
Position Yourself for a New Job - Discreetly
Recruiters say financial professionals can gain an inside track for plum jobs through a proactive approach that includes regular networking, researching potential employers, working selectively with recruiters and undertaking projects that will broaden your skills. All of these activities, they point out, can be pursued without signaling an interest in leaving one firm for another.
Sep 01 2006
Do Your Homework on Prospective Employers
Doing your homework on prospective employers is critical to your chances of landing a new position. Nearly half of the executives recently polled said that not knowing about their company was the most common mistake they saw job-seekers make during interviews.
Aug 31 2006
Diversity at Deloitte & Touche USA
Kaplan Mobray, U.S. diversity recruiting leader for Deloitte & Touche USA, discusses his firm’s efforts to diversify its workforce: "We know that diverse and satisfied team members foster innovation."
Aug 30 2006
Public Company Executives Lured by Private Equity
Private equity groups are working hard to recruit senior executives away from public companies, offering more money and a chance to leave behind the short-term pressures that are part of dealing with the capital markets.
Aug 30 2006
CareerWire: Return of the Perk
Companies are bringing back low-cost perks… Merrill Lynch asks panel to end its obligation to broker who won discrimination suit… Residential mortgage brokers eye commercial loans… and more.
Aug 28 2006
CPAs Need Communications Skills to Advance
Communication skills are more important than ever when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. But what are accountants to do, when they spend more time number crunching than dealing directly with people or learning to write effectively? The answer: Learn the communication skills you need to rise to the next level.
Aug 24 2006
Ask the Expert: I'm Qualified - Why Can't I Find a Job?
You've got solid experience and the job market is tight. Why aren't employers making offers?
Aug 24 2006
Women Make Inroads to CFO's Office
Although women have long been underrepresented among corporate executives, they’re making modest inroads to the CFO's office. In the S&P 500, women presently hold about seven percent of CFO positions, according to an informal analysis of data from Hoover's, a service which maintains a database on 16 million companies.
Aug 23 2006
Demand for CPAs Rising Globally
As if financial executives didn't have enough trouble finding CPAs in the U.S., word is spreading that companies overseas are seeking the very same talent.
Aug 22 2006
CareerWire: From CFO to CEO
From CFO to CEO… Insurance Training Benefits Financial Advisers… Citigroup Expanding in Key Markets.
Aug 21 2006
MBA Applications Rise
Applications to full-time MBA programs have risen for the first time in three years, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council. Much of the increase comes from international students, the GMAC said, although more women are applying as well.
Aug 21 2006
Number of CPAs at Standstill, Even as Need Grows
The number of Certified Public Accountants grew just over 1 percent between 2003 and 2006, even though the pass rate for the CPA exam has increased.
Aug 18 2006
What Tax Directors Look for When Hiring
Whether you aspire to be a tax manager or a tax accountant, you need certain skills to get ahead working in a corporate tax department. Here are five things tax directors consider before hiring new staff.
Aug 16 2006
How to Move Around The Baby Boomers
Efforts by companies to retain baby boomers are frustrating younger professionals by delaying promotions and infringing on their independence at work. If you're in Generation X or Generation Y, you've got to be creative to attain the position you want.
Aug 15 2006
CareerWire: Private Firms Buy Into SOX
More private companies comply with at least some parts of Sarbanes-Oxley... Court won't dismiss overtime suit against A.G. Edwards... Federal agencies face mass retirement of procurement officers... and more
Aug 14 2006
Five Things CFOs Look For in Job Candidates
"What are they looking for?" Everyone who has responded to a job ad has asked themselves that question. To shed some light, we called several CFOs to find out what those elusive honchos seek in new hires.
Aug 11 2006
Piper Advisors Depart Ahead of Takeover
Around 81 - or nearly 10 percent - of Piper Jaffray's financial advisers resigned from the firm's retail brokerage unit during the second quarter, followed by 31 more during two weeks in July. The departures come as Piper's takeover by UBS Wealth Management USA approaches.
Aug 10 2006
Leadership Skills As Career Tools
The quality of your leadership skills can impact your career path. In fact, industry sources say, strong managerial skills are almost as important as the ability to sell a product. But the key word there may be "almost."
Aug 09 2006
CareerWire: Thrifts Leaving Mortgages, Broker Pay Drifts and More
Thrifts getting out of mortgages... Pay for brokers rose just 1 percent in 2005... Fidelity hiring 2,000 in North Carolina... and more.
Aug 07 2006
Bank of America Hires for Wealth Management
Bank of America plans to add 650 jobs in its wealth management division before the end of the year.
Aug 04 2006
CFOs Value Communicators; Learning Skills is Up to You
Communication skills have become more important to accounting and finance professionals, but you may be on your own when it comes to developing them.
Aug 03 2006
Tips for Responding to Online Ads
Job-seekers often complain their responses to online ads disappear without any reply from employers. In reply, HR departments and hiring managers say their work is made harder by e-mails that are too long, inappropriate or simply miss the mark. To help you break through, here are some tips on making your message as effective as it can be.
Aug 02 2006
CareerWire: Auditing Your Job Search
Auditing your job search... Quality of life in Des Moines... Hiring nice people as policy.
Jul 31 2006
Salary Increases Slowing for Accountants
While demand for professionals in audit, tax and management services at public accounting firms is expected to continue for many years, salary increases will be less dramatic in 2006.
Jul 28 2006
Certifications Showcase 'Real-World' Expertise of CPAs
The sheer number of advanced certifications available beyond the CPA designation can be daunting. But what's the best one to earn to advance on your career path? It seems specialization is key to figuring out the best certification for you.
Jul 26 2006
IT Hiring Ramping Up
Demand continues strong for technology professionals across a range of industries. In fact, nearly half of all companies plan to use summer interns to help out their IT departments.
Jul 26 2006
Citigroup to Stay Course in Face of Pressure
Citigroup Chairman and Chief Executive Charles Prince says he won't "starve the business" simply to boost the firm's stock price.
Jul 26 2006
CareerWire: Changing the Gender Equations
Women are still making slow progress into executive suites... Merrill Lynch says attracting FAs a cornerstone of growth strategy... DaimlerChrysler mulls outsourcing accounting jobs.
Jul 24 2006
Hispanic FAs Find More Opportunities
The growth in the Hispanic market means financial companies must develop a workforce representative of the customers they want to reach. While many Hispanic FAs prefer to work for themselves, opportunities are increasing for those interested in joining a larger organization.
Jul 21 2006
Top 3 Banks Focus On Internal Growth
Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase are focusing on growing from within, a strategy that could help position them to face a cooling economy.
Jul 20 2006
UBS Opens Office For 'Ultra-High-Net-Worth' Clients
UBS has opened an office in New York dedicated to serving ultra-high-net-worth clients. The Park Avenue office will be staffed by 13 wealth advisors and three private bankers, and will offer a suite of brokerage, trust and private banking services, the company said.
Jul 19 2006
Goldman Sachs Leaders Emphasize 'Doing'
Financial companies like people who get things done. Students looking for ways to position themselves might want to consider the backgrounds of the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders, a group of 100 high achieving college students from 20 countries. Their common thread: real accomplishments, some made even before they've entered college.
Jul 19 2006
Merrill Official Says Firm Can 'Do Better' In Diversity
Even as they contend with a class-action lawsuit alleging racial discrimination in its brokerage operation, officials at Merrill Lynch say they have to do better when it comes to hiring and promoting black financial advisors.
Jul 18 2006
CareerWire: Banks, Insurers Keep Looking for Common Ground
Banks, insurers keep exploring consolidation... Small-business owners like their local bank branches... The Hartford promotes three to develop retirement business... and more.
Jul 17 2006
Chicago Fertile Ground for CPAs
The winters may be cold, but the job market for accountants in Chicago is hot, says Elaine Weiss, president and chief executive of the Chicago-based Illinois CPA Society.
Jul 14 2006
Using Facts to Deal with an Unreasonable Boss
Have a difficult boss? Calm and facts can help you cope with uncomfortable situations.
Jul 14 2006
Retirements, Expanded Role Spur Hiring in Corporate Tax
Once considered a dead-end, tax departments have become integral parts of their company's management teams and key players in long-range planning.
Jul 12 2006
CareerWire: Mentors Count, SOX Costs Still Rising
Most CFOs had a mentor... Compliance costs still rising... Surprise! SOX spurred hiring... and more.
Jul 10 2006
Internal Audit Still Faces Talent Shortage
Although a number of companies have tried to expand their internal audit departments to cope with the demands of Sarbanes-Oxley, a lack of talent has kept many positions unfilled.
Jul 06 2006
Follow Ups Are Important - Even When There's No Reply
Conventional wisdom says you should always follow up with prospective employers after you've sent them a resume or met them for an interview. But many candidates find such tactics fruitless: Either they receive no response from their actual contact, or find no way to reach a live human being. We asked Dawn Fay, a New York regional vice president of recruiter Robert Half International, how best to proceed.
Jul 05 2006
CareerWire: Gates Foundation Looks for Financial Talent
Gates Foundation seeks financial talent... Morgan Stanley closing branches... Grant Thornton, Northwestern Mutual earn high marks as IT workplaces.
Jul 05 2006
Dramatic Pay Increases For Risk Executives
Pay for risk professionals has risen dramatically over the last five years as companies have become more pro-active, and less reactive, in their approach to risk.
Jun 30 2006
Legg Mason Reorganizes Businesses
Legg Mason will separate its retail and mutual fund businesses and reshuffle its management.
Jun 28 2006
CareerWire: Careful What You Post Online
Being smart about online profiles... Morgan Stanley faces discrimination charges... Credit Suisse expands private banking... and more.
Jun 27 2006
SOX Leads To IT Opportunities
Sarbanes-Oxley has opened up a growing range of opportunities for accountants and other financial professionals with solid IT skills.
Jun 22 2006
Certified Fraud Examiners In Demand
Whether they're ferreting out tax improprieties, securities fraud or money laundering, financial professionals certified as fraud examiners are hot properties on the job market.
Jun 21 2006
CareerWire: Risk Professionals Receiving Earlier Bonuses
Risk professionals' bonuses benefit from high demand... Financial employers see slightly more hiring in third quarter... Vanguard bonuses miss target... and more.
Jun 19 2006
IT Security Professionals See Increasing Demand, Salaries
The financial business has developed an appetite for network security specialists in response to federal compliance mandates and consumers vulnerable to the surge of PIN numbers, online banking and crafty hackers.
Jun 16 2006
Good Background, Strong Skills - And No Job?
Despite a perfect resume, flawless references and years of experience, some finance professionals are finding it difficult to land a job suitable to their skills. Even people who've put in time at Big 4 accounting firms or well-known investment banks have sometimes gotten less-than-receptive reactions from prospective employers.
Jun 14 2006
CareerWire: Accounting, Financial Workers Happier Than Most
Accounting and financial workers say they're happier than most... Merrill Lynch creates diversity office in private client group... PWC adds ethics to annual training... and more.
Jun 12 2006
Underwriters, Actuaries Benefit From Insurance Mergers
Despite an expected spurt of mergers and acquisitions within the insurance sector, the industry still needs qualified underwriters and actuaries.
Jun 09 2006
Ernst & Young Launches 'Working Moms Network'
Ernst & Young launched a 'Working Moms Network' to provide support, resources, networking and mentoring opportunities for new, expectant and veteran mothers. 
Jun 08 2006
Static Networks Can Be Dangerous To Your Career
They say it's good to have friends in high places. Yet many in the accounting and retail banking sector - particularly women and minorities - spend most of their time with people just like themselves.
Jun 07 2006
CareerWire: Tax Departments Need More Resources
Corporate tax departments need additional resources... Turnover among Fortune 500 chief financial officers increased last year... More than 84,000 people were expected to take the CFA exam... and more
Jun 05 2006
Demand For Socially Responsible Investing Jobs Outpaces Need
While socially responsible investing has been a buzz word for nearly 20 years, interest in the practice of encouraging corporate sustainability through sound social and environmental practices has gained momentum in recent years. But while the financial industry is paying more attention to SRI, the number of professionals trying to enter the field still outstrips the demand of investors.
Jun 02 2006
Women Reach Beyond Internal Networks
Tell a woman CPA in Connecticut she’s being transferred to California and within a day she’ll have a list of the best pediatricians in Los Angeles and a list of local women’s soccer teams looking for players.
May 31 2006
CareerWire: Job Cuts At Regions Financial, Accounting Grads Well-Regarded
AmSouth, Regions Financial plan job cuts... Australia needs accountants... CFOs see accounting grads as well-prepared... and more.
May 30 2006
Diversity At Citigroup's Corporate and Investment Banking Division recently spoke with Patricia David, managing director and global head of diversity/talent and employee programs for the corporate and investment banking division of Citigroup. David is responsible for overseeing, developing and implementing the diversity strategy for nearly 49,000 employees around the world.
May 26 2006
Starting Salaries Climb For New MBAs
Starting salaries of newly graduated MBAs have risen 4.2 percent since 2005, spurred by hiring among employers confident about the overall economic outlook.
May 24 2006
Recruiter Stanton Chase Launches Financial Division
The executive recruiting firm Stanton Chase International has created a financial advisory division and seeking to hire a staff of ten recruiters by the end of the year. The company will recruit only brokers with $1 million or more in production.
May 23 2006
CareerWire: HSBC The Leading Firm For Women Executives
Financial firms dominate Diversity Inc.'s list of best companies for women executives... NewStar Financial hiring for West Coast office... Royal Bank of Scotland to offer corporate banking services... and more.
May 22 2006
CFOs Gain Higher Profiles At Hedge Funds
As hedge funds continue to grow in both numbers and assets, the role of the chief financial officer is becoming more challenging and high profile, according to industry experts.
May 19 2006
IT Auditors Salaries At Premium
Information technology auditors, professionals who determine whether corporate IT systems are effectively maintaining Sarbanes-Oxley controls, are in demand from a wide range of companies.
May 16 2006
CareerWire: Jobs Outlook Strong - For Now
The overall U.S. job outlook is strong for the next 6-12 months, but predictions for financial services might be described as ''steady, but slow''... The number of women in leadership roles in Illinois CPA firms has remained largely unchanged over the last four years... A Massachusetts stockbroker has sued Citigroup Smith Barney for allegedly failing to pay him overtime... and more.
May 15 2006
Feeling Burned Out? Accountants Have Options
In college, you majored in accounting. You sweated through the CPA exam and put in countless billable hours as a young practitioner. Now you're well into a successful career. But what happens if you discover making numbers talk no longer carries the thrill it once did?
May 12 2006
International Accountants Welcome At U.K. Investment Banks
Interested in working across the pond? British investment banks have relaxed their attitudes about hiring candidates from overseas - especially when it comes to senior accountants.
May 11 2006
Morgan Stanley Paring Down Broker Training
Morgan Stanley plans to fire half of its 1,000 trainees and pare down its broker-training program after deciding the program isn't producing enough successful financial advisors.
May 11 2006
Morgan Stanley Dangles Bonuses To Lure Brokers
Morgan Stanley is using attention-getting bonuses to lure high-producing financial advisors into its ranks.
May 10 2006
CareerWire: Corporate Lawyers Face SOX Pressures
SOX pressures corporate lawyers… Business students respond to accounting… Small firms consider outsourcing… And more.
May 08 2006
Black Financial Advisors Confront Misperceptions
African-American financial advisors say they’re building successful businesses despite an array of misperceptions about black investors.
May 05 2006
Demand Pushes Salaries Of Wealth Advisors
Wealth advisers are in increasingly high demand – a trend reflected in the increasingly sexy compensation packages they’re being offered.
May 03 2006
Know Your Company, Follow The News, And Network
Smart job hunters thoroughly research prospective employers. Job holders can benefit by performing similar due diligence on the firm where they work now.
May 03 2006
CareerWire: Block Seeks 500 Financial Advisors In Next Five years
H&R Block Financial Advisors is seeking advisors... Evaluating your current employer... Lincoln Financial makes recruitment move... Accounting firms balk at CE aid.
May 01 2006
Women, Minorities Lag In Executive Ranks
Women and minorities continue to lag in gaining management positions in large financial firms, according to a report by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. ''This report shows that we still have some ways to go,'' EEOC Chair Cari Dominguez said. ''The report found that women of all races and backgrounds advance more slowly as they climb up the career ladder.''
Apr 28 2006
Mortgage Banking Jobs Hold Steady
Some economists believe the market for new homes isn’t as strong as the surge in March sales figures would suggest. Media reports note that builders have been cutting prices to address rising mortgage rates, and the number of available homes is increasing. What’s it all mean for mortgage bankers? Despite some fallout on the consumer side, observers see their job security as being pretty solid.
Apr 28 2006
Pay Rises In Corporate Tax Departments
It’s no secret the job of corporate tax departments has become tougher. The challenges they face, and the ongoing scramble to find talent to meet them, is translating into higher compensation for tax professionals at the top of their GBMe.
Apr 26 2006
CareerWire: TIAA-CREF Hiring Advisors; UBS Works To Retain Piper Brokers
TIAA-CREF plans to hire 500 financial advisors... UBS is offering Piper brokers retention packages... And more.
Apr 24 2006
As SOX Costs Drop, Will SOX Opportunities Follow?
As corporate America’s compliance-related costs level off, finance professionals focusing on SOX-related work may soon need to switch gears.
Apr 21 2006
IRS Recruiting Revenue Agents
The Internal Revenue Service is seeking hundreds of revenue agents, many for its small-business/ self-employed division, and is offering signing bonuses to those willing to work in ''hard-to-fill'' locations.
Apr 21 2006
Corporate Finance Compensation Jumps
Macro trends are creating macro pay increases for those in the corporate finance world. Double-digit compensation increases stem from stiffer federal regulation and a push for corporate growth – two movements that have companies scrambling for top-notch finance staff in a time of short supply.
Apr 19 2006
Executives Look For Resume Follow-Ups
You've submitted your resume to a prospective employer. Now what? Most executives think you should follow up within two weeks: It shows you to be self-motivated and pro-active - traits managers value.
Apr 17 2006
CFOs Predict Increased Hiring For Finance Staffs
When business is good, chief financial officers hire. According to the latest quarterly survey by Financial Executives International, business is good. Over the next 12 months, 77 percent of the 200 CFOs surveyed by the organization expect to hire more staff for their companies’ financial areas.
Apr 14 2006
BET Founder’s Bank Expects To Offer 'Opportunities' - Eventually
Robert L. Johnson, founder of the cable network Black Entertainment Television, is positioning himself to become owner of the largest African-American controlled financial services business in the U.S. Although the company has no specific hiring plans to reveal just yet, a representative said experienced financial professionals can look for “rich opportunities in the future.”
Apr 10 2006
Opportunities Arise from U.S. Investment in Asian Real Estate
As U.S. investment in Asian real estate grows, professionals with a background in underwriting, financial analysis or property appraisal and valuation can look East for additional job opportunities.
Apr 07 2006
Finance Chiefs Paid More In U.S.
U.S. finance directors are better paid than their colleagues and second-tier executives elsewhere in the world.
Apr 04 2006
Small Accounting Firms Have More Women Partners
Although more women are becoming partners in U.S. accounting firms, the proportion is greater among smaller firms.
Apr 03 2006
Private Banking Opportunities On The Rise
As more banks and other financial companies work to develop a wealthier client base, opportunities are rising for bankers and others considering a move to private banking.
Mar 29 2006
Are Companies Serious About Diversity?
Nearly 80 percent of the users who responded to a snap poll asking whether their company is serious about diversity said “no.”
Mar 27 2006
For SOX Staffers, Workload May Be Key Challenge
Many accounting managers have said the intricacies and tedium of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance has discouraged accountants and auditors from getting into the field – or made them itchy to get back into what they regard as “core” financial functions. But could the challenge be simply that SOX specialists are overworked?
Mar 24 2006
Unintended Consequences Of Work/Life Programs
A decade ago, professional service firms began offering women more flexibility as they replaced their “up-or-out” attitude with flextime, maternity leave and part-time options. But as more women take advantage of programs that allow them to pursue the “mommy track” or “family track,” the pool of women remaining in leadership roles has been shrinking.
Mar 22 2006
Mellon Seeks To Expand Private Wealth Management Group
Mellon Financial Corporation has created a unit within its private wealth management group to set strategies and practices for sales, marketing and client service.
Mar 20 2006
CFOs Earning Impressive Compensation
Chief financial officers of leading companies - like Citigroup, Wyeth and Coca-Cola - are getting impressive compensation packages.
Mar 17 2006
Baby Boomers’ Retirement Opens Career Paths
As the 76 million Baby Boomers begin exiting the workforce, career opportunities should increase for younger financial professionals.
Mar 17 2006
Banks, Credit Unions Offer Opportunities For Wirehouse Reps
Banks and credit unions offer career alternatives for brokers and financial advisors who've traditionally spent their time in wirehouses. But anyone making the transition will need to approach their job differently.
Mar 16 2006
Thrivent Financial To Hire 675 Representatives
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, the not-for-profit financial services firm focused on the Lutheran markerplace, said it plans to hire 675 financial representatives by the end of this year.
Mar 13 2006
More Firms Seek Forensic Accountants
The demand for forensic accountants who can untangle complex financial knots is growing.
Mar 10 2006
Five Signs It’s Time To Move On
Knowing when to quit your job usually boils down to instinct. Yet in banking and finance, where takeovers and lackluster bonuses are regular occurrences, there can be telltale signs it’s time to move on. Here are a few.
Mar 08 2006
Rising Above Your Past Employer
If you worked at one of the accounting firms or corporations implicated in the creative accounting scandals of the last few years, will prospective employers hold it against you?
Mar 03 2006
Agency Needs Defense Contract Auditors
The Defense Contract Audit Agency is hiring entry-level auditors, offering modest starting salaries in return for reasonable hours and a chance to gain experience you can put to more lucrative use a few years down the line.
Mar 01 2006
Bulk Of Compliance Costs Go To Staffing, Compensation
About 94 percent of the $25.5 billion spent on compliance by the securities industry during 2005 went to staffing costs, according to a survey by the Securities Industry Association.
Feb 27 2006
Demand For Internal Auditors Pushes Salaries
Public and large privately held companies continue to seek experienced accounting professionals for internal audit positions.
Feb 24 2006
Candidates With Disabilities Sought By Financial Firms
Commercial banks, accounting firms and other financial companies that face labor shortages are recruiting candidates with disabilities.
Feb 22 2006
Commercial Real Estate Firms Seek Financial Professionals
As commercial real estate has become more sophisticated and Wall Street-friendly, professionals with backgrounds in accounting or experience in controller or chief financial officer functions are seeing their value rise.
Feb 17 2006
Pension Expertise In Growing Demand
As reform and funding pressures increase the challenges involved in running a plan, financial professionals who’ve stayed on top of pension issues may find themselves in increasing demand.
Feb 15 2006
Correcting Your Credit Report Before Your Job Interview
More and more companies are checking the credit and background reports of their employment candidates. Before sending in a resume, smart job-seekers should pull their own documents to make sure their information is correct. Here’s how you do it.
Feb 13 2006
Price Expects Hiring To Stay Flat, Despite Strong Business
T. Rowe Price expects to keep its hiring essentially flat this year, despite record results in 2005’s fourth quarter and a growing institutional business that’s gotten the attention of the likes of Institutional Investor.
Feb 10 2006
Merrill Lynch Cuts Brokers' Cash Compensation
Merrill Lynch has quietly reduced the cash compensation of its brokers by 1 percentage point while crediting an extra 1.5 points to the company’s deferred stock plan, according to the trade newspaper Investment News.
Feb 08 2006
Home Equity Lenders Keep Hiring
Despite rising interest rates, home equity lenders are still hanging help wanted signs in their windows.
Feb 06 2006
Financial Services Firms Look Outside
What are you going to do with that liberal arts degree? How about financial services?
Feb 02 2006
IRS Needs Agents, Auditors as Retirements Loom
The IRS’s Large and Medium Size Business Division (LMSB) is staffing up as many of the career staffers who conduct or manage corporate audits approach their retirements. Pay packages could prove taxing to some, however.
Jan 31 2006
Your Own Best Cheerleader: Find a Coach
Lauren*, a long-time employee of Big Four accounting firm Deloitte, had worked her way up to manager of Northeast operations in a New York-metropolitan area division that then underwent an organizational transition. That set a career change into motion.
Jan 31 2006
Speak Up and Speak Better: Communication Skills Primer
“Hi. Okay, you guys, hi. How’s it goin’? I’m your presenter today, so just, like, open your packets and, like, follow along with the PowerPoint so we can jargon, jargon, jargon, gobbledygook, thirty-six million four hundred twenty-nine thousand eighteen point one percentage points and more, you know, like, jargon. Okay?”
Jan 26 2006
Know Your File Before a Background Check
Got something in your background that you’d rather not discuss during your next job interview – like a conviction for disorderly conduct or a really low credit score? Do your homework before you start mailing out your resume, because most companies are going to look your background right after they look at your resume.
Jan 25 2006
H-1B Visas Put U.S. Financial IT Jobs at Risk
The foreign job threat for American technology workers isn’t limited to work that can be sent abroad. Companies are using skilled workers brought in under the H-1B visa program to replace American staff with foreign workers who are paid substantially less – nearly $13,000 a year less on average according to a recent study.
Jan 19 2006
Certifications Aplenty in Financial Planning for Seniors
Years ago, one big baby boomer question was, “Dad, can I have the car tonight?” Now the boomers have their own cars. Dad, now retired, might be sitting on a comfortable-to-substantial nest egg. But he’s still being pestered.
Jan 19 2006
Balance of Power Shifting to Employees
If one of your resolutions for 2006 is to find a new job, you’ll be happy to know that the hiring picture for accounting and finance is robust, particularly if your skills are strong.
Jan 10 2006
Accountants' Pay Jumps on Lack of Supply
If you’re an accountant who can both crunch numbers and talk management through them with the same panache, you are in high demand and low supply in many U.S. markets. And you may be worth more than you think.
Jan 10 2006
Industry and Big 4 Want Audit Managers
One thing’s for sure if you aspire to become an audit manager at either a Big 4 firm or in private industry: You’ll need to be a CPA. But the demand is high and salaries are up over last year.
Jan 03 2006
Diversity Hiring Pushed by Banks’ Market Demographics
When it comes to hiring diverse workforces, retail banks are noticeably more aggressive than their investment-bank brethren.
Jan 03 2006
Sarbox Costs Down but Hiring Still Strong
A recent study commissioned by the Big 4 shows that total Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 implementation costs, not surprisingly, are projected to decline substantially for both larger and smaller companies in the second year of implementation. What does this mean on the hiring and pay fronts?
Dec 20 2005
Bank Branch Managers See Huge Churn
As the talent pool for branch managers continues to shrink, commercial banks have responded with stock options, increased compensation, business casual dress codes and recognition events like paid resort vacations.
Dec 19 2005
CFOs say Pay, Hiring to Freeze
Chief financial officers are holding the line on 2005 bonuses and raises. And good luck if you decide to seek a fatter paycheck elsewhere, because those same CFOs aren’t planning to do much hiring in the first quarter of 2006, according to two recent surveys.
Dec 13 2005
CPAs Back in the Black
Financial firms are pushing recruiters to find Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or candidates with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Accounting. They’re also offering all the right incentives for the right candidates.
Dec 09 2005
The Gang’s All Here: Surviving a Group Interview
It’s rare for multiple candidates for the same job to be interviewed at the same time, experts say. What’s not uncommon is for one applicant to be interviewed simultaneously by several people at a hiring company. Stressful, yes, but there are ways to turn a group interview to your advantage.
Dec 06 2005
Surviving Sarbanes-Oxley
As the Sarbanes-Oxley Act enters its second year of implementation, organizations and individuals are looking back to assess the costs of compliance and the sustainability of the consequent infrastructure, and forward toward streamlining those elements.
Nov 29 2005
Good Communication Means Better Bottom Lines
Talk isn’t cheap, at least not according to a major new study of U.S. and Canadian corporations by Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a human capital consulting firm.
Nov 28 2005
Unhappy at work? You're not alone
Are you dissatisfied with where you work? If so, join the 80% of finance professionals who are unhappy with their employers. It could be time for a rebalancing act.
Nov 15 2005
Don't Let Resume and Interview Gaffes Wreck Your Job Chances
If you want to land a job in the detail-oriented worlds of accounting, finance or banking, there’s one skill you cannot be without, says Doug Rickart, division director for Robert Half Finance and Accounting in Minneapolis.
Nov 10 2005
Pay Pressure Pushes on Big Four Rivals
Employees of small and medium-sized public accounting firms could enjoy fatter pay rises than their top-tier colleagues in 2006.
Nov 04 2005
Workplace Diversity Is a Bottom-Line Issue
Female entrepreneurship has grown rapidly over the last decade, and the numbers of women at corporations, including those in corporate finance and those in leadership positions, continue to increase. But the numbers also show that women – both as employees and as board members – aren’t just taking up space. They’re also enhancing the bottom line.
Nov 01 2005
Wal-Mart Goes A-Banking
Retail giant Wal-Mart filed an application in July with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to establish an industrial bank in Utah to process its monthly volume of 140 million credit and debit transactions. The FDIC received over 1,000 letters – many times the norm – commenting on the proposal and had to extend the public comment period to two months from one.
Oct 31 2005
Annual Bonuses: Carrots Dangle Higher, Sticks Get Longer
Annual bonuses are being scrutinized in an effort to design equitable pay packages in the wake of corporate accounting scandals and criminally excessive compensation paid to top executives at many firms. And everyone’s feeling the fallout.
Oct 24 2005
Market Is Strong for Temporary Accounting Pros
The recent announcement by H&R Block that it plans to increase its tax network’s peak temporary work force by 39,000 professionals – nearly 40% – in the coming filing season prompts the question, “What besides tax season drives the market for temporary accounting pros?”
Oct 18 2005
Where are the Good Actuarial Candidates? Guest Comment
Scott Rollins is President of the Chicago area executive search consultancy S. C. International, which has specialized in the recruitment of actuaries and employee benefits talent since 1984.

With more than thirty years in recruiting, the last twenty of which have focused on the actuarial and employee benefits marketplaces, I have seen both strong and weak job markets. And in order to adapt to a changing job market, savvy employers and job seekers alike have had to improve their processes and procedures for working with executive search firms. But unfortunately, a good number are still approaching the job market blindly and not reaching their maximum potential.
Oct 17 2005
Corporate Finance Pay Jumps Highest for Execs
A new survey suggests corporate finance staff enjoyed higher-than-average pay increases in 2005, and senior professionals enjoyed the biggest increases of all.
Oct 13 2005
Retail Banking: Sell, Sell, Sell or Else
The banking trend that has tellers selling home loans is making its way into the back-office, as more and more institutions are requiring everyone from the CFO on down to bring in new business.
Oct 11 2005
Bye-bye Stock Options, Hello Incentive Pay Mix
Reaction to the excessive compensation paid to top WorldCom, Tyco, Enron and other executives is driving more than media attention. It’s also responsible for a spate of new government regulations designed to curb future abuses and concomitant trends in overall compensation.
Oct 03 2005
Is Your Boss a Bully? Part 2
On September 6, published “Is Your Boss a Bully?” That article struck a nerve among readers, drawing 42 posted responses at last count, the largest number the site has seen to date. Many respondents asked for more concrete information about techniques for managing a bully/target situation.
Sep 27 2005
Accounting Standards Watchdog Names Chief
The Financial Accounting Foundation has named Robert DeSantis as its president and chief operating officer.
Sep 23 2005
Mature Workers: A New Challenge for Employers
By the end of this decade, some 64 million baby boomers will stare down the road to retirement. This fact leaves some companies facing an about-turn on their employment practices.
Sep 23 2005
Compliance Demands Controllers
The recent emphasis on enhanced corporate governance reporting and controls has focused mainly on the growing demand for accountants well versed in them. But the demand for controllers, and what controllers can command in pay, is rising, too, recruiters say.
Sep 16 2005
Treasurers Usually Promoted, Not Hired
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, as with 9/11, many companies are turning to their treasurers - and paying them a bundle - to reevaluate their insurance coverage and reassess their risk-management scenarios. But don’t expect to see tons of treasurer jobs being advertised.
Sep 12 2005
Is Your Boss a Bully?
Thought you left that playground bully for good back around the third grade? Guess again. He – or she – can come back to haunt you in the form of your boss.
Sep 06 2005
Torn Between Two Job Offers
Your technical skills, interpersonal communication and references are top-notch. Your shoes are shined, your suit is pressed, every hair’s in place and there’s a smile on your face. And so you find yourself in the enviable position of having multiple job offers to consider. You can only accept one, so now what?
Aug 30 2005
Summer Reading: Manners Matter
Sure, your parents always taught you to say “please” and “thank you” and not put your elbows on the table. They coached you to write prompt thank-you notes because they knew that having good manners would help to smooth out your life. But could they have known to instruct you not to give a clock as a gift in Japan because it’s a symbol of death? Business etiquette – whether around the dining table or the conference table – is a whole different ball GBMe.
Aug 25 2005
Pay Hikes To See a Slight Pickup - Plus More Employees To Get Them
More U.S. workers will have a bit more money in their paychecks soon, according to the latest survey of employers' pay raise intentions by WorldatWork, a nonprofit human-resources trade group.
Aug 17 2005
Sarbox Makes Salaries Snowball
Remember those Saturday morning cartoons? The ones where a little snowball kept jouncing downhill, growing and growing until it was as big as Mars? The recent rapid increase in compensation for any corporate accountant involved with Sarbanes-Oxley reporting, SEC reporting or auditing is giving similar momentum to accountants’ salaries.
Aug 12 2005
Staff Accountants Show Slight Uptick in Salary
There’s good salary news for staff accountants at all levels in most industry sectors – including those who work in South Carolina – according to pay experts. South Carolina?
Aug 08 2005
Market for Actuaries on the Rise
The market for actuaries in all disciplines has been quite strong this summer, says recruiter David Simpson, managing principal of D.W. Simpson & Co. “We’re getting 20 to 30 new positions an all disciplines and at all levels each week. That’s just our firm, although we are the biggest,” he adds.
Aug 04 2005
The Mommy Track: How Not to Derail Your Career
Is the end of the line on the ‘Mommy Track’ Glass Ceiling City? Sometimes. But one can find alternate – and often scenic – routes around that dead end.
Aug 02 2005
Fraud Examiners Do Good
It sounds like the lineup on the six o’clock news: Identity theft. Money laundering. GBMing control and surveillance. Health care, insurance, bank, mail and Internet fraud. And this is by no means a complete list of fraud examiners’ remits.
Jul 26 2005
Forensic Accountants Follow Trail of More Jobs, Pay
If you’re a CPA who’s technically proficient, intellectually curious, persistent, creative and discrete – and who always secretly yearned to be Sherlock Holmes – grab your deerstalker hat and your magnifying glass and find a position in forensic accounting. The field, while niche, is booming.
Jul 19 2005
Insurance Underwriters Can Write Their Own Ticket
The job market - and pay - for insurance underwriters is sizzling hot, especially if you can crunch the numbers and then make them sing during a sales pitch.
Jul 15 2005
Financial Analysts Ascend in Pay, Hiring
After playing second fiddle to accountants recently as the rush to compliance dominated corporate finance, financial analysts are back in demand, recruiting experts say.
Jul 12 2005
Ace that Interview - Top Ten Tips
Last week Alcoa, Ameritrade, Ford, Interstate Bakeries and Winn-Dixie all announced reductions in their respective workforces.
Jul 05 2005
To Calculate or to Communicate, That Is the Question

Question: To build a successful career in public accounting is it more important to have solid information technology skills or effective communication skills?


Jun 28 2005
SOX Moves Management Accountants' Pay Up
Love it or hate it, Sarbanes-Oxley is proving a boon for management accountants. A new salary survey claims their pay has leapfrogged pay for public accountants even amid one industry association's calls for cutbacks to SOX.
Jun 21 2005
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Get Me a Job
Fiddler on the Roof has Yenta, the matchmaker. The corporate world has recruiters. Same principle, slightly different parameters. But if you want to find a job you love, developing a relationship with a recruiter, says Heidrick and Struggles’ Michele Heid, “is a phenomenal idea.”
Jun 16 2005
Open the Door to the Big 4
'No one wants to work for me, although I could use the help. They all want to work for the Big 4,' laments one New Jersey CPA with a small private practice. But how does a Big 4 aspirant become a Big 4 employee?
Jun 07 2005
Where You Went Wrong
It's been months since you started looking for a job and you still haven't found anything. Wondering where you're going wrong? has created a 10-step checklist you can use to figure out just where your search is derailing. Starting with Step #1, have you accomplished each task?
Jun 01 2005
Career Shift: Housing Counsellors Earn High Karma And Low Pay
If you love the counseling aspects of financial planning or loan origination, but can't stomach sales, there may be another option for you – a move into the non-profit sector where about 3,500 organizations provide homeownership and financial fitness counseling to consumers.
May 31 2005
Auditing Auditors' Salaries
Stringent regulations, corporate scandals, and a spate of prosecutions have created a need for competent auditors. But while some experts in the field describe a hiring and compensation frenzy, others have a more dispassionate view.
May 27 2005
Your Career: Build a Vision, Make It Real
Tired of the same old grind? Want more money? A better title? More responsibility? A corner office with an ocean view? Well hey – do something about it.
May 20 2005
Interim Managers See International Growth
Cliché has it that variety is the spice of life, and after several years in the same job it may well be easy to see why. In search of renewed vigour, some Chief Financial Officers are reinventing themselves as interim managers.
May 16 2005
Insurance Jobs Are Spring's Hot Spot
Despite ongoing investigations of fraud, allegations of bid-rigging and even interest on the part of the FBI, the hiring picture in the insurance industry is strong, employment experts say.
May 16 2005
Letter from London: We Want Flexitime and We Want it Now
Flexible working is a great idea, but could it be career suicide? Ask someone who knows in Europe or the U.S., and the answers diverge. Here's how to get yours.
May 10 2005
Background Checks: Honesty Is Still the Best Policy
If it could happen to Coach George O’Leary, briefly of Notre Dame, it could happen to you. Resume inflation or fabrication has undone some of the best and the brightest.
May 03 2005
Craft Cover Letters and Resumes that Earn You a Second Look
If you plan to be among the four in ten making a job move soon, distinguish yourself from this thundering herd of defectors. You’ll need a dazzling cover letter and a brilliant resume: a total package designed to sell your skills and talents to potential employers.
May 03 2005
XBRL Know-How Means Extra Pay for CPAs
If you’re an analyst who’s on a first-name basis with EDGAR, you might want to meet its new cousin, XBRL. A beautiful, and profitable, relationship could result.
Apr 25 2005
Mortgage Banking Designations: Nice-To-Haves or Must-Haves?
Looking for a way to separate yourself from the herds of people who went into mortgage banking during the refinance boom? Earning a designation from the Mortgage Bankers Association of America (MBA) may give you the edge over the competition when you’re job hunting, but it may not raise your salary in your current job.
Apr 18 2005
Career Path: PwC US Tax Services Principal
Carl Dubert is a principal in the Washington National Tax Services practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Washington, DC. Here he explains his route to PwC (for the second time) via Deutsche Bank and the U.S. Treasury.
Apr 13 2005
Relocating Means Negotiating the Best Package
You live in Baltimore and you’ve just been offered two jobs: one in Kansas City, Missouri, and the other in Columbus, Ohio. The jobs pay the same, but the company in Kansas City offers to pay your relocation expenses. How hard will your wallet be hit if you take the job without relocation benefits?
Apr 12 2005
Ask the Expert: “I’m Over 55 and Unemployed. Help!”
Q: How does one re-enter the job market after being out of work for more than three years? I’m over 55, have a B.S. degree in accounting, am not a CPA and am currently unemployed.
Apr 11 2005
Just How Good IS That Offer?
You’ve been offered your first job in banking, accounting, finance or insurance. It seems like your new employer is offering you a good compensation package, but wouldn’t you like to know what everybody else is getting before you decide how good their offer is?
Apr 07 2005
More Jobs, Pay for June Grads
The outlook on pay for this June’s graduates is warming up, with offers in the high 30s to low 40s, thanks to growing demand for entry-level finance, accounting and banking professionals.
Apr 04 2005
Take the Offer and Run
A recruiter has brought you an offer of a better salary from a competing firm. You go into your manager’s office to resign and receive a counteroffer. Should you take it?
Mar 29 2005
Wall Street Calling All Accountants, Controllers
If you’ve ever wanted to jump ship and work in accounting on Wall Street, now could be the time to do it.
Mar 23 2005
War for Talent: Students Run for the Front Line
Public accountants are striving to attract students earlier in their college careers and they're pulling out all the stops to do so.
Mar 18 2005
Letter from London: Forensics Accountants Earn Premium Pay
Forensic accountants in both the U.K. and U.S. are typically paid more than standard auditors. It’s good news for anyone with a talent for sniffing out malfeasance.
Mar 09 2005
Network Your Way to the Top
“I can find my next job all by myself” is one myth that needs to be exploded, say search experts. The old conventional wisdom, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is alive and well. So get out of your chair, into some social and professional events, and nurture your network.
Mar 09 2005
The Job Hunt: Birth of a Salesman
Regardless of your professional experience and title, when you’re job hunting you become a salesman with one product: you.
Mar 02 2005
Letter from London: We Want You, Say Big 4
In their desperation to hire newly qualified accountants to work in the U.K., the big four accountancy firms are turning their attention overseas.
Feb 22 2005
DoD to Feed Army of Auditors
If you've got a CPA and secret security clearance, Washington, D.C. is about to become a very lucrative place for you. The Department of Defense (DoD) has just let an almost $1 billion contract to 20 accounting and IT companies who will help the agency’s Office of Inspector General earn clean audits from each of the military services and dozens of defense agencies.
Feb 18 2005
Get Up to Speed on Sarbox
Many readers have been writing in to ask about training venues for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, both in general and in terms of Sarbox’s IT component. If you feel you’re not up to snuff on the various Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements (can you say SOX 404?), or the technology to help get the job done, there are conferences and websites that can help.
Feb 18 2005
CFOs Take Sweet Time to Fill Jobs
The typical chief financial officer takes four weeks to fill a staff-level accounting position and six weeks to bring a new manager on board, according to a recent survey from Robert Half International, Inc.
Feb 15 2005
Ante Up for Chief Risk Officers
Corporate entities are beginning to realize that Kenny Rogers was right all those years ago. You gotta know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ‘em. That’s why they’re now hiring chief risk officers (CROs).
Feb 11 2005
Financial Planners Get Top Pay in Growing Sectors
Among the alphabet soup of certifications for financial planners - CPA, CLU, ChFC, CFP and more - there is one constant: Those who earned the right to put those initials after their names make more money than those who didn't.
Feb 04 2005
Ask the Expert: How Can I Make My Sarbox Skills Convincing?
After reading an article here on Sarbanes-Oxley auditors, a job seeker wrote in for help on landing a job without Big 4 experience. Read below for what our panel of industry experts had to say. If you need some job advice, your questions are put to our experts by Carol Lippert Gray.
Feb 01 2005
So you want to be a CFO?
Be prepared. Be versatile. Be articulate. And multitask. In one day, you might be talking to anyone from your CEO to a disgruntled shareholder, from the staff at the SEC to your local plumber.
Jan 27 2005
Is 40 the New 50? Do the Discrimination Math
When, like diffident dowagers, two well-known corporate-finance recruiters say, “We don’t talk about age,” there’s probably something to hide. Is age discrimination the workplace’s dirty little secret?
Jan 20 2005
Time for Mortgage Producers to Jump Ship?
Rising interest rates, declining conventional mortgage origination volumes and the explosion of the subprime lending market have mortgage banks hiring sales staff.
Jan 11 2005
Write your Own Ticket to Europe on the SOX Express
If you’ve got Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) experience and a hankering to travel the world, there’s an internal auditor position waiting for you in Europe next week.
Jan 11 2005
PwC, Ernst Set to Hire up to 30% More Accounting Grads in 2005
A recovering economy, new accounting regulations (read Sarbanes-Oxley) and the steady retirements of baby boomers are fueling the hottest hiring scene for new degree-toting accountants since Y2K
Jan 11 2005
Time and Pay Are Right for Sarbox Experts
When SEC chairman William Donaldson said Sarbanes-Oxley compliance must be a part of corporate DNA, it was clear that stacking the new building blocks of a firm`s accounting life would be a struggle. Now companies are struggling to hire, train and retain top internal auditor talent.
Jan 11 2005
No End to Internal Audit Hiring Spree in Sight
Looking to increase your salary (and who isn't)? Geography, education and experience levels, company size and a CPA or graduate degree obviously enter the salary equation. But two areas — Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and fraud examination — are where the bigger bucks are right now.
Jan 11 2005
Mortgage Banking Operations Staff Prepare for Layoffs
When mortgage volume is off, as it was in 2004, mortgage bankers are known for layoffs of operational staff. Which back office employees are going to get the axe first, where can they go, and what are the pay prospects?
Jan 11 2005
How Much Am I Worth? Structured Investment Vehicle Accountant
A panel of headhunters gives its assessment of typical London pay packages. Average salary: $123,000; bonus - 15% to 20%, though highly variable depending on individual, team and institutional performance.
Jan 11 2005
Multiple Offers for Internal Auditors Come With Pay Raises
In real estate, the mantra is location, location, location. Today in corporate finance, the mantra is internal audit, internal audit, internal audit – a direct result of the new Sarbanes-Oxley legislation governing corporate reporting and compliance.
Jan 11 2005