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IBS © International Board of Standards - Graduate Board of Management ©™
GBM - IBS Charter Members

Dr. Char. Davis - Business Management Trainer in E-Business
Dr. G. Fleet - Commerce Consultant
Dr. A. L. Kohl, PhD, GBM PM Business Consultant Canada, Faculty University of Maryland
Dr. C. Fleisher - Business Management and Commerce Professor
Dr. D. Kozakaff, GBM Member, Executive of Institute of Technology
Dr. J. Young, GBM Member, Executive
Professor A. Gupta -E-Business and PM Professor
Dr. P. Lan - Global Faculty of E-Business and Business Management
Dr. F. Moro - University of N. B S. J.

Dr. K. Lam, GBM Member , Hong Kong
Mr. C. N. Lo, GBM Member , CEC and AApM Member
Dr. F. Yuu, GBM Member - Commerce Professor
Ms. P. Chan, GBM Member - Asia
Mr. Y O Lam, Asia Business Management Professor
A. Shahzad, CEC, PME, MBC, CIPM, CSA - Executive E-Com and Business Management - Karachi
S. Chatterjee, MBC - New Delhi - India
G. Vernous, GBM Member, CPAH Port au Prince CEO E-STRAT Consulting
R. Avila, MBC, CIPM San Antonio, TX USA US Government
D. Coger, MBC, CIPM - , USA
Hon. M. Lam, MBA, GBM Member, UK
Hon. T. Byrns, JD, MBA, CPA, GBM Professional Speaker and Author
L. Bomanglag, MBC, CIPM - Business Management California
J. W.H. Hau, CIPM
Thomas Daniel, MBC - Texas PM
M. Mutkus, MBC - Virginia
K. Finstod, GBM Member - Wisconsin
P. Berry, MBC, CIPM - USA
M. AZEEM IHSAN SHEIKH, E-Business Consultant Saudi Arabia
A. Selim, GBM Member eBusiness Executive, Manama Kingdom of Bahrain
Lee (Eileen) Carter York University Faculty Ontario, Canada
Saif-Ur-Rehman, GBM Member IISPak President IGBM MemberC Pakistan Chapter
Raj Kumar Prasad GBM Member e-business and ebusiness executive and editor New Delhi, India
Victor Angsono Hautama, GBM Member Malaysia MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA, MCT, CEA, CEP, and CEI.
Dr. B. Whitside, PhD, FAEA, GBM Member (Honorary)
W. Fook, PhD US and China (Honorary)
Gary Harris, GBM Member Proptions e-business Executive Florida
Denise Easton, GBM Member - President of
Sue Kavli, GBM Member - Brevard College, North Carolina
S. T. Koramouzis, Ph.D., GBM Member Computer Information Systems US and Athens, Greece
K. Bauer, GBM Member Marketing Management, Germany
D. L. Matthews, GBM Member, MBA
R. Vogel, GBM Member Germany e-business Executive
C. Black, GBM Member San Jose, California Programming Web Developent Executive
S. Pierre , GBM Member Graphic Design, Colorado Springs & Denver
R. Lucore, Ph.D, GBM Member
Melody Treece Vargas, GBM Member
Cory O'Neil, GBM Member British Columbia e-Business
S. Green, GBM Member Florida Business Executive
A. Lovett, GBM Member WorldWideLearn.COM
Dr. G. Ramsey, GBM Member Director of Online Services, Laurel, MD
W. K. Pond, Ph.D., GBM Member Chief Academic Officer, Education America Online, Denver, CO
K. Wolker, PhD, GBM Member Director Center for E-Business U. of Wyoming
J. A. Grace Jr., GBM Member Business Councils USA
Dr. D. MacDonnel, GBM Member
G. Makau, MBA, GBM Member, Kenya Africa, Faculty Kenyatta University
K. AL-Khaeb, GBM Member Bahrain e-business Executive and Middle East Authority
R. Uddin Ahmed, GBM Member Ecommerce Professional Pakistan
B. Tim Lowder GBM Member Winthrop University Academic Member
Salah ElKashef, GBM Member Business Development Director eCommerce Center (eCC) Egypt
C. Sheraton, GBM Member South African E-Business Manager Old Mutual Business School
D. Stiver, GBM Member Indiana e-business Consultant
C. Williams, GBM Member Richmond Virginia e-business Consultant
M. Smith, GBM Member Maine Business Consultant
S. Perry, GBM Member California e-business Consulting and Training
M. Sridhar, GBM Member Bahrain Middle East e-business Consultant
Sh. Tariq, GBM Member Great Britain e-business Executive
Eileen Mulvey, GBM Member New Haven Connecticut E-Business Executive
Michael Lasiaine, GBM Member Houston Texas e-business Executive
J. Miller, PMP, GBM Member Allen Texas e-business Executive
K. Siddiqi, GBM Member Karachi e-business Executive
Gerald Harris , GBM Member Florida e-business Executive
D. GBMlyn , GBM Member Washington State E-Business Consultant
D. Corbin, GBM Member Florida E-Business Specialist
Bull Hamilton, GBM Member Key West and Miami Florida E-Business Consultant
R. Rice, GBM Member McLean, Virginia e-business Executive
R. Brown, GBM Member California E-Business Consultant
R. Jacobson, GBM Member E-Business Consultant
V. Mamedaliev, GBM Member New York e-business Consultant
E. Coleman, GBM Member Los Angeles business Consultant
D. M Campbell, GBM Member Virginia e-business Consultant
Dr. J. Barnes PhD Marketing
L. Miguel Martins, GBM Member Portugal Relations
Grant Robertson, GBM Member Murdoch University Australia
P. Gandhi, GBM Member Egypt e-business Center
Mr. Arman Sarang - e-business executive KLM Saudi Arabia. KLM Saudi Arabia
S. Young CIO - USA LA
Director A. Pang, GBM Member HK Consulting IBM
D. Ghaly, GBM Member Executive Officer, Wadi Holdings SAE
D. Easlick, GBM Member, JD, MBA Executive Director
V. A. Hoatama, GBM Member
J. Pride, GBM Member California E-Business Management
M. Law, GBM Member E-Business Executive Malaysia
H. Chiang, GBM Member Hong Kong
Mr. K. Al Khasib, GBM Member Ebusiness Manager Middle East
Larkland Morley, GBM Member E-Business Consultant, Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Patrick Eulogius Yau, MMC, CPMC, CPITC, MPM, CPRM, PMP, CEC, Chief Operating Officer – Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance (GRAC), Hong Kong - Hon. Global Advisor
Dr. D. Leo, PhD, MBC, CIPM - Advisory Board - Moscow Russia
Prof. R. Tie M.Eng (elec) MBA, MBC"!, CIPM "! , PME "! Board of Advisors (Australia)Dr. A. Britton, PhD, MBA LLB(Hons) MBC CHSIII
Rod Koelker, M.Sc, MBC, PMP"!, CWNA, MCSE, A+, Network+ * Missouri, USA *Prof Toby Mills, B. Hort, PMP"! IPST, MBC"!, PME - Board of Advisors 2004-05 (Sydney, Australia)
Dr. Mataev, MD, MBC "!, CIPM "!- New York, USA
Prof. Dr. D. Mancini, PhD, MBC - Business Management Executive
S. Shah, MBC "!, CIPM"!, PMP® Technology Mgr. Lakeshore Engineering - Detroit, MI USA
Prof. C. Tong, MBC "!, MBA, CIPM "!, CWM - Singapore (Board of Advisors)
Prof. C Collins, MBA, MSc, MBC"!, CIPM"!, IWWP, CPM, CAC: CEO - Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd.
Prof. Dr. R. Chotreewisit, PhD, MBC, CIPM, CEC - Bangkok, Thailand
R. L. Stringfield , MBC - Reilingen Germany - Special Advisory Board Member
D. M. Manigault, MBC"!, PMP®, Comptia IT Project Plus Certified Business Manager (Honorary Advisor)
S. Chatterjee , MBA, MBC - New Delhi - India (Honorary Advisory Board)
D. A. Ward, MBC, CIPM - Business Manager - Maryland, USA (Special Advisor)
G. Losi, MBC, CIPM - The Hague, Holland - Special Advisor to the Board
F. Shephard, MBC, MFP, CIPM - Board of Advisors -2006 - New York, USA
L. Sooda, MBA, MBC, CIPM - New York, New York, USA
M. L. Jones, MBC - Business Management Executive - Washington, USA
R. Smith, BS, MBC, CIPM - Engineer - California, USA
B. Khan, MBC, CIPM, Engineer - Toronto, Canada (Special Advisory Board)
M. Straughan, MBC, MA, CIPM "! (Business Management) Honorary Board 2004-05
Prof. F. Mentz, MFP, MBC, CIPM "!, CEC, CPM 2004-2006 (United States) (Board)
D. Stahal, MBC, CIPM "! - 2003-2004 New Orleans, LA USA (Honorary Advisory Board)
L. C. Bastian, MBC, CIPM,, BA, CM, MBA
N. O. Oture MBA, MBC, CIPM -N'djamena, Chad, Africa (Special Advisor)
C. Jenks , CEC, MBC - 2004-05 (Board of Advisors) Washington DC
N. Perez, MBC "!, CIPM "!, PME "! (Advisory Board) France
Ronald Sigur, MBC, CIPM - (Honorary Advisory Board) - Texas, USA
Prof. A. Demitrious, MBC AAPM - Athens, Greece (Honorary Advisory Board)
Prof. G. Bye, MBC "!, CIPM "!, PME "! - (Advisory Board) Kuwait - Middle East - Gulf Region
John Birdwell, MBC, CIPM (Masters Degree in Industry and Technology ) Texas, USA AAPM Advisor
S. Malik, MBC, CEC - Asian Advisory Committee - Melbourne, Australia
B. Iyengar, MBC - Special Advisor - India
Dr. D. Whitesode, MBC, CPM, PhD - New York and Houston Texas
G. M. Sangeeth B.S., A.M.I.I.E.,M.B.A.,M.P.M.,C.I.P.M. - General Manager
Indorama Synthetics India Ltd, Butibori Industrial Area,, Nagpur (Honorary Advisory Board)
N. Suliman Abueyada, MBC, CEC - Honorary Advisory Committee - Palestine/Israel
Patrick Beck, MBC, CIPM - Colorado USA
Kent Chan Siewho, CIPM, CPE-Chapter President (Malaysia) Special Advisor
Mr. Z. A. Chaudhry MBA, CertPFS, CeMAP, CeRGI, CeLTM, MBC™, CIPM ™, UK
D. E. Ekandu, CIPM - Ivory Coast (Special Advisor)
J. H. Mitchell, BS, MS, MBC - Florida - (Special Advisor)
Srekenth MS, MBC - India Project Management Executive (Special Advisor)
S. Soubra, MBC, CIPM - Doha, Qatar (Special Advisor)
E. Kolvin Nyewan, MBC - Project Management Executive Ghana, Africa (Special Advisor)
E. Lim, CIPM, BS, Dip. A.T., Dip. MSM - Singapore Construction Project Manager (Honorary Advisor)
K. Landry, MBC - Project Manager LA USA (Special Advisor)
L. Bumanglag, MBC, CIPM - Project Management California
Allis, Calvin, MBC, CIPM: Member of US Armed Forces, (Honorary Member of Board of Advisors)
H. Drobich, MBC, CIPM "! - 2004-5 - London, England (Board of Advisors)
K. Sanderson, MBC, CIPM - 2003-2005 (Board of Advisors)
T. Oon Lye, PhD, MBC, CIPM - Republic of Singapore * Honorary Advisor to the Board
M. Sanderson, MBC, CIPM "!, PME - 2004-05 (Board of Advisors)
C. M. Kolso, III, MBC "! Honorary Advisory Board
Prof. Mahir B. Asut, MBC, CIPM - Honorary Advisory Board - Istanbul, Turkey
F. Chuck Olmstead, MBC, CIPM - Michigan, USA
J. Sim Su Hing, GBM Member Solution Consultant - -Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
R. Malhotra GBM Member NET4India.Net
R. Stohlquist, GBM Member Colorado E-Business Consultant and Designer
L. Pravenzano, GBM Member Houston Texas Marketing Executive
Sanjit Chatterjee GBM Member
Sugato Das GBM Member
R. Natarajan GBM Member
C. Singh GBM Member
N. Singh GBM Member
V. Gupta GBM Member
I. Gandham GBM Member
D. Valli GBM Member
D. Sondhi GBM Member
C. Black, GBM Member California Programmer Designer and Consultant
S. Davis, GBM Member e-Business Consulting
T. Swank, GBM Member
T. Kubina, GBM Member Germany
A. Kapp, GBM Member USA
D. Y. Ghaly, GBM Member Egypt
T. Hawryluk, GBM Member Valdor Canada
A.B. Subhani, GBM Member Texas
EP. R Puskas Jr, GBM Member , Colorado
P. E. Petruccelli, GBM Member, USA
C. Che Hong Bruce, GBM Member Kawloon, Hong Kong
S. Suponitskiy, GBM Member NY, USA
F. C. Abola, GBM Member UAE
L. W Saracene, GBM Member, NY, USA
K. A. Soud, GBM Member Saudi Arabia, KSA
A. Law-Larut, GBM Member Milton Keynes Great Britain
W. Sai Cheong, GBM Member Price Waterhouse Hong Kong
R. Pradel, GBM Member Port of Prince, Haiti
T. R. Kolgore, GBM Member Black Diamond, Washington, USA
D. A Watkins Jr , GBM Member Pennsylvania
I. Iznan, GBM Member MY
E. Rennie, GBM Member, Brazil, South America
C. Ourso , GBM Member Artistic and Design, Aspen, Colorado
Dr. Kokin Lam, GBM Member , Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong (Principal Lecturer)
Mr. C. N. Lo, GBM Member , Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong (Senior Lecturer)
Dr. F. Yue, GBM Member, China
J. Dorham, GBM Member Petroleum E-Business Imaging Scientific, Texas
M. Hillery, GBM Member Business Management, Mississippi
S. Torpe , GBM , San Diego/La Jolla, California (Honorary Award Recognition)
J. Musser , JD, GBM Member Political Legal, Pennsylvania
A. Perry, MBA, GBM Member Project Managment Executive, Houston TX
M. Arshi Wasique, GBM Member
J. Sennette, Ph.D., GBM Member Psychology
Dr. R. Falger, Ph.D., GBM Member Management
B. Joiner, Ph.D., GBM Member Entrepreneurship & Management
L. Drum, MBA, GBM Member Financial Analyst
G. Nugger, PhD, GBM Member Psychology Colorado Springs
S. St. Martin, JD, GBM Member
J. Jenkins, GBM Member e-business Consulting, Silicon Valley New York
E. Holden, JD, GBM Member Business Law and Risk Management, Chicago
S. Ettinger, GBM Member e-business Consulting, San Francisco California Advisor
E. Ettinger, GBM Member e-business and Ebusiness Executive San Francisco California
T. Sullivan , GBM Member Business Management and Consulting, California
H. Murphy, JD, LLM, GBM Member Risk Management and Law and Technology, Alabama
C. Justice, JD, GBM Member Risk Management and Law and Technology
B. Moke, JD, GBM Member Entertainment Law, Los Angeles
C. Burgos, JD, GBM Member Legal, South American Liaison
A. George, MBA, GBM Member Operations Management, New York
A. Castillio, MBA, GBM Member Management, Guatemala Relations
W. A. Webster, JD, GBM Member Legal, London England
Dr. W. Fook, Ph.D., GBM Member Operations Management Chinese Liaison
Anthony Dow, GBM Member Financial, London England
Ben Perez, GBM Information Technology Marketing and Operations Executive, Southeastern US
Jared Tippets, GBM Member e-Business Development Executive
Kelvin Cho, GBM Member e-business Executive GBM Member On Site Training Asia
B. McCarthy, JD, MBA, GBM Member, CFA Legal and Financial Executive
Khalid AL-Khaeb, GBM Member Bahrain e-business Executive
S. Perry, GBM Member Business Executive and Manager
S. Soemampaw, GBM Member US Government E-Business Manager
L. M. Taffar, GBM Member Michigan e-business Executive
S. Miller, GBM Member El Paso Business Executive and E-Business Manager
B. Guanzon, GBM Member Surrey Canada e-business Executive
Brad Kellock, GBM Member Ontario Canada e-business Professional and Executive
M. A. Lasaine, GBM Member Houston Texas e-business and Business Manager and Executive
K. Y. Siddiqi, GBM Member Pakistan e-business Specialist
M. Hoffman GBM Member eBusiness Consultant LA
N. Senek, GBM Member Ireland e-business and e-Business Marketing Manager
A. Ellisor , GBM Member Media, Marketing, and PR, Houston, TX Marion Graphics Advertising
Teri Elliott , MEd., GBM Member, Marketing Executive, Texas
A. Bienvenu, GBM Member, Marketing Executive, New Orleans LA
D. Shonberg, GBM Member, MHA Health Administration Project Management
S. Kashman, GBM Member Chicago, IL Business Executive
R. Stoorms, CICC, JD, e-legal Counsel Software
Kenneth E. Purcell, GBM Member, CEO of
J. Schrieber, GBM Member Convention Management Executive
B. Schoenfeld, GBM Member
B. Balderaz, GBM Member Strategic Alliances and Business Strategy
Gina Trevisan, Business Content Editor
A. Martinez, GBM Member Author of Get Certified and Get Ahead and Executive at
K. Kelly, GBM Member Consulting Manager
A. Wostley, GBM Member PR Dubai
S. A Tahir, GBM Member UAE Executive
Ms. Rooma Para, GBM Member Pakistan
J. Veega, JD, GBM Member Mexico Relations
D. Steiner, GBM Member Canada Relations
D. W. Groome, JD, GBM Member, Brazilian Relations
J. W. Elmore, JD, CPLA, GBM Member, Legal Business Management
J. P. Dupree, JD, CPLA, GBM Member, Legal Management
C. Smith, MBA, MMC, GBM Member, Investments, New York
C. Jackson, GBM Member, Management, New York
D. West, JD, CPLA, MMC, GBM Member, Business Legal, New York
N. Christiana, GBM, CLC Member, Italian Relations
Tom McDoniels , MBA, RFA, GBM Member, Vienna , Management
M. Reutchland, GBM Member, Swiss Relations
J. Lundler , JD, GBM Member, Federal Law, South Carolina
C. Jenks , Officer Ret., GBM Member, Washington, D.C. Public Relations and Journalism
D. Petno , U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C.;
D. Rodriguez , Human Resources Executive, Washington, D.C.;
L. Mills , American Bankers Association, Washington, D.C.;
G. Dinicolo , Public Relations, Washington, D.C.;
D. Bothner , Health Care Executive, Washington, D.C.
C. Prusse, GBM Member, Marketing, Germany
Ms. P. Chan, GBM Member, Hong Kong
Ms. Daisy Li, GBM Member ,Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong
Mr. Lawrence Ma, GBM Member, Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong
Dr. E. Wong, GBM Member, Hong Kong
T. Byrns, JD, CPA, GBM Member, E-Law and Author Entrepreneurship e-business Consultant
Calvin H. Hiraoka, GBM Member
D. Figueredo, GBM Member Technology Executive
L. A. Sergy, GBM Member
R. J. Burdoucci, GBM Member
N. M Barnard, GBM Member Texas
P. A Simmons, GBM Member AT&T E-Business and Technology Manager
T. DePaoli, GBM Member Technology Executive
Amr Hassan Darwish, GBM Member
Lupe Vasquez, GBM Member
Eileen P. Harrington, GBM Member Technology Manager and E-Business Executive Compaq
Shailesh Jain, GBM Member Ebusiness Executive
Dr. Kokin Lam, GBM Member , Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong (Principal Lecturer)
Mr. C. N. Lo, GBM Member , Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong (Senior Lecturer)
Dr. Francis Yue, GBM Member, Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong(Senior Lecturer)
G. Noah, GBM Member Website Producer, Harrisburg, Illinois
D. MacAoliffe , GBM Member, COO Executive
S. Kalderon, GBM Member, Baltimore, Maryland
B. Calisino , GBM Member, Technology Consultant
Ian Crystal, GBM Member, Ancient Philosophy, Montreal, Canada
A. B. Bieenvenu , GBM Member, LA Tech Journal
T. Willamson, GBM Member e-Executive Manager
A. Bell , GBM Member PR and Marketing Executive,
Roy Manning, GBM Member Engineering Arch.
E. Choumo, GBM Member Marketing, Los Angeles
C. Bishop, PhD, GBM Member Editing and Writing, Taos, NM
Doug Patric, GBM Member Content Editor Writer, San Antonio
S. Giberga, JD, GBM Member, E-Business Law
S. Johnson, GBM Member Engineering
P. Smith, PhD, GBM Member Education and E-Learning
Mike Vizard , GBM Member Professional Editing
Andrea Astevez , GBM Member E-Learning and Testing/Assessment, Kansas
David Pones, GBM Member New York, New York
Clint DiLong, MA, GBM Member Vocational Training, New Orleans
Michael Smith, MBA, CFP, GBM Member Financial, Baltimore, MD
K. Ray, MD, GBM Member, Human Behavior
C. Boldini, GBM Member, CWMA, Financial, Detroit
D. Bulloch , GBM Member e-business Specialist and Consultant
N. Volencic, GBM Member Public Relations Marketing, San Francisco
D. Dante, GBM Member Financial
J. Springer, GBM Member Recruiting Executive, San Francisco
Richard Merksbury, PhD, GBM Member Education and Consulting
Ennio R. Senese Numann, B. Law MSc, MBM, CMC, GBM Member, Consulting, Netherlands
C. Mentz, GBM Member Texas, Florida, Louisiana
K. Smith, GBM Member Midwestern US e-business Consultant
R. MacNutt, GBM Member Houston, TX e-business & E-Business Manager
S. Ur-Rehman, GBM Member Karachi, Pakistan IISPAK
Professor L. Bichwitz - University of N. B S. J. E-Business and Commerce faculty
Alex Demitrious, GBM, MMC, Member Firewall Systems, San Frnacisco and Athens, Greece
Joseph Grace, GBM Member LA Technology Council
S. Sobludosky, JD, MBC GBM Member Business Coalition
S. Burke, GBM Member
S. Wilson, GBM Member
N. Ellul, GBM Member, UK, e-business Management European e-business Association
J. Judd, GBM Member
Jack Blackwell, GBM Member
P. Bessant, GBM Member Operations Manager
R. Green, GBM Member Web Production Editor
M. Baines, GBM Member Head of Business Development
V. Srinivasan, GBM Member Recruiting and Business Development
D. Livingston, GBM Member
J. Arceneaux, MFA, GBM Member
C. Martin, JD, MBC GBM Member Business Mediation
F. Spiegler, GBM Member
A. F. Tossier, GBM Member, JD, CPLA Corporate Attorney
B. Smith, CPA, MBC GBM Member Engineering
A. Williams, CICC, GBM Member Financial Analyst
J. Vayn, CPA, GBM Member Financial Audit
V. Cimoni, JD, GBM Member Corporate Attorney
J. Haailey, JD, GBM Member Corporate Attorney
A. Boewlin, JD, GBM Member Corporate Attorney
M. Vargas, GBM Member

*All charter members of CEC and IPMC are also members of GBM