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Graduate Board of Managment Society Management Consultant


Graduate Board of Management ™ - Global Board of Standards
Business Certification

GBM ™ - Global Board of Advisors and Standards for Management and Project Management:

  • Dr. M. Amr Sadik, Ph.D., CHRE, CHRA, MMC - Cairo, Egypt - Global Advisory Board
  • Prof. Dr. Sean Patrick Rozario, DFA, MBA, MPM ™, MFP, FAD, CWM, MFC - Advisor Asia and Singapore.
  • Dr. Ronnie L. Holmes, PhD, MPM™, CIPM™- Europe and USA (Honorary Board Advisor)
  • Dr. Allan Britton, PhD, MBA, MPM ™, LLB (Hons) MPM CHSIII, Darlington, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Dr. Cornel Collins, MBA, MSc, MPM™, CIPM™, IWWP, CPM, CAC: CEO - Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd.
  • Dr. S. C. Germany, PhD, MPM ™, CIPM ™, CPRM ™, CPE, MBA - Long Beach, CA, USA - Global Advisor
  • Prof. Dr. Yiowmin Chay, PhD, MBus, MBA, BAcc (Hons), MFP, MPM ™, MFM, MFC, RFS, CAM, FAD, CWM, CAM, CEC, CPA, CMILT, MBCS, CFTP - Special Advisor from Singapore and UK - Deloitte and Touche
  • Prof. Dr. George Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM ™, CEC ™, PME, DSS - Chairman (Colorado, USA)r
  • Dr. Derek J Lynn, Ph.D, MPM, CSE, RPIH - Virginia, USA - Global Advisory Board
  • Prof. Dr. R. Santilan, PhD, RFS - Monterrey, Mexico
  • Prof. Dr. L. Roza, PhD, CEC, RFS, PhD, CompTIA ITProject+ SME, AAPM Member, IEC Fellow, MCSE+ - Brazil - Silva Rosa Consulting offering AAFM and AAPM Exams and Training.
  • Rod Koelker, M.Sc, MPM™ , PMP™, CWNA, MCSE, A+, Network+ * Missouri, USA *
  • Dr. Jorge Ayala-Cruz, Ph.D., MPM, MBA, MS, PMP, CSCP, CML, CLA, CPIS - Puerto Rico, USA - Global Advisory Board
  • Dr. Michael Mataev, MD, MPM ™, CIPM ™- New York, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Larry Beebe, PhD, MPM - Franklin Univ., Program Chair - Applied Management, Ohio - USA
  • Dr. Pui Wah Lee "Fred", PhD, MPM ™, CIPM, Master Project Manager - Hong Kong, PRC - Global Advisor
  • Prof. S. Cooper, MFP, MPM ™ , CEC, PME (Honorary Board Member) San Francisco, CA
  • Dr. Robert A. Marshall, Ph.D., MPM, RBA, PCRS - Atlanta, GA - USA and Asia - Global Advisor
  • Dr. Demitri Leo, PhD, MPM ™, CIPM ™- Advisory Board - Moscow Russia
  • Dr. Marc Brandone, PhD, MBA, MPM ™, CIPM™, PMP™ - Consortium Mgr. - Siemans - Qatar
  • Prof. Dr. Dale Mancini, PhD, MPM ™- Michigan Project Management Executive
  • Dr. Dimitrios S. Stamoulis, CEC, MPM ™, Banking Executive & Unviersity Lecturer, Athens, Greece.
  • Dr. Keith A. Moskowitz, PhD, MPM ™- Scientist & Biochemist, Maryland USA
  • Dr. James L. Hoyt, MPM ™Master Project Manager - Troy University
  • Dr. Dallip Bhowani, PhD, CIPM, BS, Adv. Dip.- South Africa - Exec. Project Manager. Hon. Adv.
  • Dr. H. Sanni Yaya, M.Sc., Ph.D., Adm.A., F.CIM., MPM ™. - Canada (Honorary Advisor to the Board)
  • Sam Shah, MPM ™, CIPM™, PMP™ Technology Mgr. Lakeshore Engineering - Detroit, MI USA
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Ahmed Elragal, MPM, CEC, CIPM - Cairo, Egypt - Faculty of Mgt Technology - German Univ. of Cairo
  • Dr. Mihail Sadeanu, PhD, MPM ™, CIPM ™- Project Manager - S&T România
  • Dir. Mahmoud Almarzouqi, MPM™, CIPM™, Training & Operations Officer, ETISALAT ACADEMY - Dubai, UAE - Honorary Board of Advisors
  • Prof. Henry Oh, PhD, MPM, RRT-NPS, TC (ABB), Program Director of Respiratory Therapy, Pima Medical Institute, NM (H. Advisory Board)
  • Prof. Dr. Ayman Rashed, B.Sc., M.Sc.,PhD, MCSE, CIPM ™ - Distintuished Professor and Consulting - Egypt - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Prof. Dr. Raywat Chatreewisit, PhD, MPM, CIPM, CEC - Bangkok, Thailand
  • Brian M. Gielbeda, MS, MPM, PMP ®- Senior Project Manager - Forrest Hills, New York USA (Hon. Global Adv.)
  • Marshall K. Posey, MPM, CIPM, MBA, PMP, CKM, CISSP - Camden, South Carolina, USA - Honorary Global Advisor
  • Robert L. Stringfield , MPM - Reilingen Germany - Special Advisory Board Member
  • Steven J. Ricks, MPM™, CIPM™, CPE™, PMP®, BS (Engineering, U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York), - Chicago, USA - Executive Project Manager - *Global Advisor
  • Mr. Marks Khalmuratov, MPA, CHRA, RBA - Asia Hon. Global Advisor
  • Gautam V. Anumukonda, CPA, Ch.Acct, CBMC, MMC, MBC | Director - SGC Consulting Group LLC - New York USA - Global Adviso
  • Stuart Leonard, BS, CMfgT, MPM - Project Engineer - Ark., USA *Hon. Global Advisor
  • Dr. Barth E. Okonigene, MPM ™, CIPM ™ , MPI, ASME - Principal Project Manager -Oilserv Limited - Lagos
  • Dr. Patrick Eulogius Yau, MMC, CPMC, CPITC, MPM, CPRM, PMP, CEC, Chief Operating Officer – Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance (GRAC), Hong Kong - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Dwayne M. Manigault, MPM™, PMP®, Comptia IT Project Plus Certified Project Manager (Honorary Advisor)
  • Prof. F. Mentz, MFP, MPM ™, CIPM ™, CEC, CPM (United States) (Board)
  • H. W. Drabich, MBA, CEC, MPM ™, CIPM ™ - London, England and Frankfurt Germany (Board of Advisors)
  • Gopi Krishnan, MBA, CIPM ™, Head of PMO, Software Quality Assurance & Testing - First Gulf Bank
  • Dr. Tan Oon Lye, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Republic of Singapore * Honorary Advisor to the Board
  • A. Demitros, CEC, MPM AAPM - Athens, Greece (Honorary Advisory Board)
  • D. John Birdwell, MPM, CIPM, CEC - (Masters Degree in Industry and Technology ) Texas, USA Advisor

*The above professionals are also on the advisory board of the AAPM Academy of Project Management. Because of articulation between the AAPM and GBM, there are advisory relationships between both organizations.




Graduate Board of Management GBM ™ Business and Consulting Certifications: